Börkur Sigurbjörnsson is an applied scientist and software engineer with a proven track record in bootstrapping product development in early-stage startups—turning ideas into action by rapid prototyping.

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Back-end development

Börkur's core service offering involves bootstrapping product development, with a main focus on back-end services, processing and structuring data and exposing it through APIs.

Data Engineering

Data and information ingestion pipelines and structuring of data using machine learning.

Example projects

Development and evaluation of machine learned methods for estimating the reading level needed to understand a piece of text. (Wizenoze)

Segmenting photo annotation tags into semantic groups using classifiers trained on Wikipedia and WordNet. (Yahoo! Research)

API Development

Designing data models for structured and semi-structured data, deploying sql and nosql data storage instances and serving data via APIs.

Example projects

Design of a generic data model for urban data and its exposure through REST APIs. (PLACEMAKE.IO)

Search engine ranking and associated APIs for education texts for children, taking estimated reading level into account. (Wizenoze)

Data & knowledge-based storytelling

Börkur is a fiction writer but also applies his storytelling skills to writing non-fiction narratives based on analysis of various types of data and information.

Urban Desk Research

Desk research report on any urban topic using a proprietary urbanism knowledge base.

Expample projects

Reports on various topics, such as the impact of e-scooters, BREEAM Communities projects and applications of cargo-bikes. (Urbanixm)

Data Storytelling

Summarizing open- or proprietary data, extracting insights and writing the findings in data stories.

Example projects

Analysis and exploration of data from air quality sensors deployed across Hyde Park, London. (Future Cities Catapult)

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