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Börkur Sigurbjörnsson is a data and information scientist, working as a data storyteller and consultant for early stage startups.

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Data Storytelling

Börkur helps companies and organizations that do not have an in-house data analysis expertise to make sense of data and generate data driven insights. The insights are presented as engaging data visualizations, as well as narration in the form of reports, executive summaries and presentations.

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Early Stage Startups

Startups are often formed around the intuition of a subject matter expert and it is not always obvious how it translates into a business. Börkur uses his startup experience to formulate and validate business hypotheses in the search of an economically viable product market fit. Having been a part of the initial team at numerous early-stage startups, Börkur helps bootstrap the product development by building functional prototypes and minimum viable products (MVPs).

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