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Börkur Sigurbjörnsson is a data and information scientist, working freelance as a data storyteller, an applied scientist, and a consultant for early stage startups.

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Börkur helps startups sharpen their value proposition and explore product-market-fit through iterative prototypes and minimum viable products used to validate business hypotheses.

Business development

  • Clarifying the core business idea or intuition and formulating it as a value proposition in the form of products and/or services.

  • Identification and validation of key business model hypotheses underlying the value proposition.


  • Overview of the competitive landscape to discover companies solving similar problems and identify distinguishing factors.

  • Narration of the business model as investment pitch decks and grant applications.

Engineering management

  • Overview of the technological development needed to turn the idea into a product or a service.

  • Breaking complex systems into clearly specified components that can be prioritized into a product roadmap and milestones.

  • Agile management of teams through clear alignment of priorities and work deliverables.

Prototype/MVP development

  • Iterative prototype and MVP development in order to rapidly validate the main underlying business hypotheses.

  • Back-end data processing services, data pipelines and API development.

  • Applied science in the fields of artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning and natural language processing.

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