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Börkur Sigurbjörnsson is a data and information scientist, working freelance as a data storyteller, an applied scientist, and a consultant for early stage startups.

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Börkur helps companies and organizations make sense of data and generate data driven insights. The insights are presented as engaging data visualizations, as well as narration in the form of reports, executive summaries and presentations.

Data driven insights

  • Quantitative discovery of statistical patterns in data.

  • Qualitative analysis of the patterns to fully understand their meaning by viewing them in a wider external context and discussions with domain experts.

  • Visualization of data patterns to make them clear and easy to consume.

  • Narration of the data analysis as detailed reports and/or high level presentations for senior leadership.

Urbanism data stories

  • Using our proprietary urbanism knowledge discovery engine, Urbanixm, we delivers desk research on a custom urban topic.

  • Overviews and examples of urban policy implementation, such as the speed limits for e-scooter.

  • Summaries of existing evidence about the impact of urban interventions, such as super-blocks or other types of low traffic neighborhoods.

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